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» Frequency and timing stability of an airborne injection-seeded Nd:YAG laser system for direct-detection wind lidar
In: C. Lemmerz, O. Lux, O. Reitebuch, B. Witschas, and C. Wührer. Appl. Opt. 56, 9057-9068 (2017).

» Frequency control of tunable lasers using a frequency-calibrated λ-meter in an experiment on preparation of Rydberg atoms in a magneto-optical trap
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» Measurement of absolute transition frequencies of Rb87 to nS and nD Rydberg states by means of electromagnetically induced transparency
In: Markus Mack, Florian Karlewski, Helge Hattermann, Simone Höckh, Florian Jessen, Daniel Cano, and József Fortágh. Phys. Rev. A 83, 052515 – Published 23 May 2011.

» Doppler-free Yb spectroscopy with the fluorescence spot technique
In: Altaf H. Nizamani, James J. McLoughlin, and Winfried K. Hensinger. Phys. Rev. A 82, 043408 – Published 8 October 2010.

» LabVIEW-based laser frequency stabilization system with phase-sensitive detection servo loop for Doppler LIDAR applications.
In: Optical Engineering 47(11), 114201 (November 2008), [PDF-Version, 1.7 MB].

» Long-term frequency stabilization of a CW tunable laser.
In: S. Kobtsev et al., APPLIED OPTICS. 46, No. 23 (10 August 2007).

» Correlations and Counting Statistics of an Atom Laser.
In: Anton Öttl et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 090404 (2005).

» Rubidium spectroscopy at 778-780 nm with a distributed feedback laser diode.
In: S. Kraft et al., Laser Physics Letters, 2005, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 71 - 76.

» Solid-state etalons improve wavelength measurement.
In: Laserfokusworld, 2004. [PDF-Version, 152 kB].

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