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Calibration Sources

External & Internal Calibration Sources


Integrated Calibration Sources

Up to an absolute accuracy of 60 MHz standard HighFinesse Wavelength Meters feature auto-calibration by integrated calibration sources. This way highest accuracy and stability of measurements with our wavemeters is guaranteed.

External Calibration Sources

HighFinesse offers a variety of frequency stabilized, narrow linewidth laser sources for different applications down to ± 2 MHz absolute accuracy. They are ideally for quick and accurate calibration of the WS8-series of our HighFinesse Wavelength Meters.
  • SLR-series: stabilized on atomic transitions, narrow linewidth, optimally used for WS-Ultimate. Available in different wavelengths, such as: 780, 850, 895, 1532, and 1555 nm
  • SL-series: Helium-Neon Lasers at 633nm
  • Infrared Helium-Neon Laser: best for our Laser Spectrum Analyzer, LSA IR-III

Automatic Calibration

It is possible to perform automatic re-calibration of the wavelength meter at user defined intervals, from weeks to between every measurements. This automatic procedure takes less than one second before automatically returning to your laser. No user intervention is required. When used in conjunction with the PID option, no loss of control of the laser is experienced.