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Stabilized Laser Reference for all IR-ranges


Stabilized Laser Reference for all IR-ranges

The Stabilized Laser Reference SLR-1532 incorporates an acetylene absorption spectroscopy system, which yields extremely accurate frequency stabilization, ideal for calibration of our wavelength meters in the infrared wavelength regime.

Plug and Play Functionability

The SLR-1532 features extremely short warm-up period of < 1 min and narrow linewidth with high precision, optimized to function as a calibration source for all infrared capable Wavemeters, even of the Ultimate-series.

The output power can be easily attenuated from max. to 0 output and thus be perfectly adjusted to fit the requirements of the mesurement setup.

Technical Information

Laser Head

Nominal output wavelength 1532.83041 nm ± 0.07 pm
Output power (all models) 0 - 3 mW
Beam output FC/APC, single mode fiber
Warm-up time < 1 min
Frequency stability ± 2 MHz
Operating temperature + 15 C° to + 30 C°
Storage temperature - 20 C° to + 50 C°
Laser head dimensions 357 x 304 x 100 mm
Thread at beam exit FC/APC
Length, connection cord (laser/power supply) 0.5 m
Weight 4.9 kg
Laser safety class 3R
Altitude, non-operational 0 - 7000 m
Altitude, operational 0 - 3000 m

Power Supply

Input voltage 90 - 264 VAC, 47 - 63 Hz
Line plug availability Europe, USA/Japan, Australia
Operating temperature 15 C° to + 30 C°
Storage temperature - 20 C° to + 70 C°
Weight 3.6 kg
Dimensions 314 x 199 x 139 mm

Testing and Certifications

EMC EN 50081-1 3/93
EN 50082-2 2/96
Safety EN 60950 9/94
CE-symbol in compliance with EU guidlines 73/23/EWG and 89/336/EWG Unified EN-standards EN 61010-1, EN 60825-1, EN 55011, and 50082-1
The SLR-1532 can be used as calibration source for WS8 IR-I
WS7-30 IR-I
WS7-30 IR-II
WS6-200 IR-III
Older models: WSU10 IR-I

Applications, Notes and Downloads


HighFinesse Calibration Source


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For further technical information, application examples, diagrams and for customization please contact: info@highfinesse.de


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