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Stabilized HeNe for WS7-series


Stabilized HeNe for WS7-series

The stabilized singlemode HeNe laser (SL02) provides high frequency stability and short warm-up time. A compact housing is supplemented by a 13.5V wall plug power supply.

The delivery includes a 630nm fiber patch cord, a fiber port collimator for easy use and a cage mount for fixation of the laser head.

Technical Information

Laser Head

Nominal output wavelength 473.61221 THz ±  25 MHz
Output power (all models) > 1 mW
Beam output FC/APC-collimator, single mode fiber
Warm-up time < 10 min
Frequency stability (after 1 min / 1 h / 1 d) ± 2 x 10-9 / ± 1 x 10-8 / ± 2 X 10-8
Operating temperature + 15 C° to + 30 C°
Storage temperature - 20 C° to + 50 C°
Laser head dimensions [∅ x L] ∅50 x 410
Length, connection cord (laser/power supply) 1.5 m
Weight 900 g
Laser safety class 3R
High Altitude Option available

Power Supply

Input voltage 95 - 265 V
Line plug availability Europe, USA/Japan, Australia
Weight 350 g

Testing and Certifications

EMC EN 50081-1 3/93
EN 50082-2 2/96
Safety EN 60950 9/94
Certifications VDE, UL, JETL (others e.g. VDE-ENEC have been applied for)
CE-symbol in compliance with EU guidlines 73/23/EWG and 89/336/EWG Unified EN-standards EN 61010-1, EN 60825-1, EN 55011, and 50082-1
The SL-02 can be used as calibration source for WS7-30
WS7-30 UV-I
WS7-30 IR-I
Older models: WSU30

Applications, Notes and Downloads


HighFinesse Calibration Source


  • Calibrations Sources: SLR and others Download


For further technical information, application examples, diagrams and for customization please contact: info@highfinesse.de


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