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Stabilized HeNe for WS8-series


Stabilized HeNe for WS8-series

The stabilized singlemode HeNe laser (SL03) provides very high frequency stability paired with a short warm-up time. The power supply is built into a seperate case, that allows easy selection of the frequency or amplitudinal stabilization mode.

The delivery includes a 630nm fiber patch cord, a fiber port collimator for easy use and a cage mount for fixation of the laser head.

Optionally the system can be equipped with an optical faraday isolator to minimize optical feedback and increase the stability of the laser system.

Technical Information

Laser Head

Nominal output wavelength 473.61221 THz ±  5 MHz
Output power (all models) > 0.8 mW
Beam output FC/APC-collimator, single mode fiber
Warm-up time ca. 10 min
Frequency stability (after 1 min / 1 h / 1 d) ± 1 x 10-9 / ± 2 x 10-9 / ± 1 x 10-8
Operating temperature + 15 C° to + 30 C°
Storage temperature - 20 C° to + 50 C°
Laser head dimensions [∅ x L] ∅34.9 x 280
Length, connection cord (laser/power supply) 0.8 m
Weight 450 g
Laser safety class 2M
High Altitude Option available

Power Supply

Input voltage 100 - 240 V
Line plug availability Europe, USA/Japan, Australia
Weight 1200 g
Dimensions [∅ x L] 172 x 60 x 230 mm

Testing and Certifications

EMC EN 50081-1 3/93
EN 50082-2 2/96
Safety EN 60950 9/94
Certifications VDE, UL, JETL (others e.g. VDE-ENEC have been applied for)
CE-symbol in compliance with EU guidlines 73/23/EWG and 89/336/EWG Unified EN-standards EN 61010-1, EN 60825-1, EN 55011, and 50082-1
The SL-03 can be used as calibration source for WS7-30
WS7-30 UV-I
WS7-30 IR-I
Older models: WSU30


Optical Isolator (i) The system can be equipped with an optical faraday isolator to minimize optical feedback and increase the stability of the laser system.

Applications, Notes and Downloads

Application Example

Right: Frequency measurement on a stabilized Nd:YAG-laser (532.245 576 nm) by WS Ultimate autocalibrated to a stabilized HeNe-laser (632.991 060 nm, 1 calibration per minute). The absolute accuracy of the measurement is within ± 2 MHz.
 Application Example: Auto-Calibration

Auto-Calibration via Multi-Channel Switch

In order to use this option a calibration laser is fiber coupled to an additional input on the wavelength meter. An switching module will then automatically switch between the laser being monitored and the calibration source. The software then updates the calibration data file. You never need to stop your work or return your wavelength meter to assure its accuracy!


  • Calibrations Sources: SLR and others Download


For further technical information, application examples, diagrams and for customization please contact: info@highfinesse.de


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