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Precision Current Sources

The current sources of the series BCS (bipolar current source) and CCS (constant current source) from HighFinesse have been developed for precision experiments in the areas of quantum optics and atomic physics and are especially suitable for the technically demanding requirements in the area of physical basic research.

 Extremely low-noise bipolar transistor technology
 Ultra-fast response time
 Precise control
 Up to 100 A
 Galvanic isolation (option)
 Battery supply (option)

Power features 
TypesBCS-series: analog controlled, bipolar current generator with continuous sweep through zero. Bipolar transistor technology.
CCS-series: Analog controlled constant current generator. Bipolar transistor technology.
Power rangeUp to 100 A. Supply: one/three phase mains voltage. Cooling: Air/water cooling
Up to 10 mA. Supply: battery incl. recharge unit
SpecificationsCurrent-/Voltage range individually as required
Current outputsGrounded or floated (adjustable)
ControlAnalog: with +/-10 V control voltage
Manual: 10-turn-potentiometer
Trigger characteristicsTrigger sets the current to zero or chages between two current values. Configuration to interlock is possible.
Response timeAdjustable between 100 µs and 100 ms
Waviness of the Current< 10-5(characteristic multiplication factor)
Current noise(Inoise(RMS)*Rmax)/(Imax*Rmax) < -90 dB (typically between -95 and -110 dB)
due to careful electronic and mechanic design for noise protection
Adjustment accuracy0,1 % (of total amplitude) without galvanic isolation
1 % (of total amplitude) with galvanic isolation
Long term stabilityBetter than 0,01 % in 120 h (standard error referring to the total amplitude)
Temperature coefficient25 ppm/K
MonitorCalibrated monitor output for the measurement of the source current
LC current display
CaseStandard 19" rack system
Option: Galvanic isolationFor the analog control port, monitor and trigger
Option: Battery setFor operation from batteries (up to 3 A)
Guarantee24 months guarantee by manufactor, extended service options

For further information about our current sources please download the
» Current source broschure [pdf-Version, 458 kB] or » contact us

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