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Linewidth Analyzer

Linewidth & Frequency Noise Measurement

For narrow and broadband spectra of various lasers.

The HighFinesse Linewidth Analyzers (LWA) are specialized high-end devices for measuring and analyzing the spectral shape and frequency noise of various laser sources.

High resolution and superb sensitivity are achieved by combining interferometric working principles in combination with high-end optical and electronic components.

The different models of the LWA series are perfectly suited for laser development and adjustment. In combination with a HighFinesse wavemeter high resolution classification of lasers and laser systems can be performed.

Main benefits and properties:
  • Two LWA series for broad- and narrowband lasers
  • Large wavelength intervals in the complete optical and NIR regime
  • Intrinsic linewidth down to 500 Hz for most accurate instrument
  • Combined linewidth down to 2 kHz for most accurate instrument
  • Automatic evaluation of frequency noise and lineshape spectra
  • High sample rate of 30 MS/s
  • No reference source required