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Linewidth Analyzer

Linewidth Analyzer

Linewidth Measurement

For narrow and broadband spectra of various lasers.

The HighFinesse Linewidth Analyzer (LWA) is a specialized high-end device for measuring and analyzing the spectral shape of various laser sources.

It is based on a scanning Fabry-PĂ©rot interferometer.

The LWA is perfectly suited for laser development and adjustment. In combination with a HighFinesse wavemeter high resolution classification of lasers and laser systems can be performed.

Main benefits and properties:
  • Different models cover large wavelength intervals in the complete optical regime
  • Measureable linewidths range from 0.1 – 1000 MHz depending on the model
  • Automatic evaluation of noise and lineshape spectra
  • High sample rate of 30 MS/s
  • High linewidth accuracy down to 40 kHz
  • No reference source required