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High Resolution Frequency Noise Analyzer & Controller


High Resolution Frequency Noise Analyzer & Controller

The HighFinesse LWA-1k-1550 model of the Linewidth Analyzer series is the ultimate high-end device for measuring, analyzing and controlling frequency and intensity noise of lasers. The superb sensitivity of the LWA-1k-1550 is achieved by combining an interferometric working principle with high-end optical and electronic components.
The main features are:
  • Frequency noise, spectral lineshape and relative intensity noise(RIN) analysis
  • Intrinsic linewidth measurement range down to 500 Hz
  • Combined linewidth measurement range down to 2 kHz
  • Frequency noise spectrum sensitivity of 10 Hz/√Hz with a dynamic range of 50 dB between 10 Hz and 2 MHz
  • RIN down to -150 dB/√Hz
  • Extremely robust against acoustic noise
  • Error signal generator for further linewidth, frequency noise or RIN reduction

Technical Information

General Specifications

Dimensions 220 x 334 x 96 mm
Weight 8 kg
Inteface USB 2.0 or higher, LWA-1k control software included
Optical Interface Fiber-coupled PM-FC/APC
Operating System Windows 64-bit
Power Supply power supply included

Technical Specifications

Acquisition Time 0.1 s (typ.)
Evaluation Time 1 s (typ.)
Sampling Rate 31 MSa/s (max.)

Frequency Noise Spectrum

Frequency Range 10 Hz – 1 MHz
Frequency Noise Density Range 10 Hz/√Hz – 100 kHz/√Hz
Linewidth Range Intrinsic: 500 Hz – 1MHz
Combined: 3kHz – 1MHz
RIN Measurment Limit -150 dB√Hz

Lineshape Spectrum

Linewidth Range 2 kHz – 1 MHz
Resolution 2 kHz

Special Feature

Error Signal Generator

Wavelength Range - Model Availability

Wavelength Range Model-
1530 nm – 1565 nm (C-band) 1550

Applications, Notes and Downloads


  • Technical Specifications Linewidth Analyzer Download


For further technical information, application examples, diagrams and for customization, please contact: info@highfinesse.de


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