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BCS series

Compact bipolar current sources

BCS series

Compact bipolar current sources

The BCS series (up to 20 A) comprise all functions of a precision current generator in a compact device. The linearly regulated bipolar current generators deliver highly stable, low noise source currents for high precision magnetic field control. The current output is floating or is on a used defined potential. Ultrafast response to control signals and trigger functions, clear grounding, connection and signal isolation schemes make the integration of the current sources into complex experimental systems easy.

Technical Information


Architecture Linear regulated bipolar current generator with continuous sweep through zero. Bipolar transistor technology.
Current/Voltage range Max. current up to 20A.  
Current/Voltage pairs individually as required.
See figure "BCS current/voltage pairs"
Current outputs Floating or grounded (adjustable).
Shorten circuit and overvolatge protected.
Output connectors Twinaxial socket
or banana sockety 


Manual setting 10-turn precision-potentiometer
Analog Control With ±10 V control voltage. BNC socket.
Trigger TTL compatible trigger for switching off or on the current. User defined trigger logics. Priority over manual and analog setting. BNC socket.
Monitor LCD current display. 


Current stability and reproducibility < 2.5 X 10-5 under laboratory conditions with 1° temperature stability.
(< 25ppm/K)
Current noise The mains’ frequency and its harmonics on the source current are suppressed to a level below 10-5 x Imax.
Response time Adjustable between 50 µs and 100 ms
Case Standard electronic case and 19″ rack systems
Supply One/ three phase mains voltage. Optionally battery.
Cooling Air cooling / forced air cooling


Galvanic Isolation of the analog control port Optical isolation amplifier for the analog control port (150 ppm/K)
Quasi-Galvanic Isolation of the analog control port High ohmic input (5,1 MΩ) for the analog control port
Digital Contol Port 16 bit DAC, interface: SPI compatible, SCPI commands
Monitor output port Voltage signal proportional to the source current.
Direct or optically isolated output.
Battery Connection Set Cable set for connection to batteries (up to 20 A)

Applications, Notes and Downloads


High precision magnetic field control, magnetic traps, atom chips, NMR, SQUID.



For further technical information, application examples, diagrams and for customisation of the current sources please contact: fortagh@highfinesse.de


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