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Milliamp Sources

Compact & mobile with battery supply - up to 20mA

Milliamp Sources

Compact & mobile with battery supply - up to 20mA

The compact micro- and milliampere precision current sources generate currents proportional to an analog control voltage. The sources are supplied from batteries integrated in the housing of the source together with a recharger unit. Full functionality for controlling micro- and milliamps on ultra fast time scales and at ultra low noise level.

Technical Information



Architecture Micro- and milliampere current generator with integrated buttery supply and recharger unit. Continuous sweep through zero. 
Current/Voltage range Max. current up to 20 mA.  
Current/Voltage pairs individually as required.
Current outputs Floating or grounded (adjustable).
Shorten circuit and overvolatge protected.
Output connectors Isolated BNC connector.

Current control

Analog Control With ±10 V control voltage. BNC socket.
Trigger TTL compatible trigger for switching off or on the current. User defined trigger logics. Priority over manual and analog setting. BNC socket.


Current stability and reproducibility < 5 X 10-6 under laboratory conditions with 1° temperature stability.
(< 5ppm/K)
Response time Adjustable between 50 µs and 100 ms
Case Standard electronic case and 19″ rack systems
Supply Internal batteries. Rechrger unit is integrated. 
Cooling Air cooling.



Applications, Notes and Downloads


Atom chips, SQUID



For further technical information, application examples, diagrams and for customisation of the current sources please contact: fortagh@highfinesse.de


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