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High Definition Spectrum Analyzer

Analysis of Complex Emission Spectra

High Definition Spectrum Analyzer

Analysis of Complex Emission Spectra

The HDSA is designed to analyze emission spectra of any complexity, while processing the entire spectral range at once. The fundamental principle of HighFinesse products of ”no moving optics“ applies to the HDSA as well, so cw as well as pulsed light sources can be measured.

Entire spectral range at once:

  • Standard 350 – 1050 nm
  • IR 940 – 1740 nm
  • Telecom 100 nm window (selectable within 350 – 1740nm, e.g. 1500 – 1600 nm)
  • UV-I 330 – 600 nm
  • UV-II 192 – 400 nm
  • (other ranges on request)

Plug & Play

The wavelength meter is ready for use as soon as the software delivered with the device is installed. There is no warm-up time required. Power supply and data readout are accomplished with any PC via a USB interface.


The flexible design allows the integration of additional optical components and software modules. This way customization is enabled for your specific application requirements.

Technical Information

Measurement Range Ability

Standard 350 - 1050 nm
Telecom 100 nm within 350 – 1740 nm, e.g. 1500 – 1600 nm
IR 940 - 1740 nm
UV-I 330 - 600 nm
UV-II 192 - 400 nm

Absolute Accuracy 1

Standard 5 GHz
Telecom 3 GHz
IR 20 GHz
UV-I 10 GHz
UV-II 20 GHz

Resolving power (λ/Δλ) 5

Standard 30000 (criteria: FWHM @ 633 nm)
Telecom 20000 (criteria: FWHM @ 1550 nm)
IR 5000 (criteria: FWHM @ 1550 nm)
UV-I 10000 (criteria: FWHM @ 325 nm)
UV-II 10000 (criteria: FWHM @ 325 nm)

Measurement Speed 3

Data Acquisition 7.5 Hz (IR: up to 60 Hz, UV-I: 16 Hz, UV-II: 1 Hz)
Full Spectrum Calculation 7.5 spectra / second (IR: up to 50, UV-I: 16, UV-II: 1)

1) According to 3σ criteria
2) With multimode fiber
3) Depending on PC hardware and settings
4) Depends on measurement range: plase contact technical support
5) Over the entire spectral range

External Trigger (TTL)

Usually all wavemeters detect and measure pulses automatically. This option allows the user to trigger pulsed measurements externally. There are two different ways to trigger. In mode 1 the TTL-pulse starts the read out of the arrays. Afterwards the CCD-arrays are illuminated until the next TTL-pulse is detected. In mode 2, the TTL-pulse starts the measure ment for a user-defined period of time.

The TTL option guarantees synchronization between pulsed excitation and measurement. It provides low-noise, pollution-free signals when measuring pulsed signals with low duty cycles

Applications, Notes and Downloads


 HDSA measurement of the complete spectrum of a low pressure discharge lamp
  Partial zoom of HDSA spectrum measurement



For further technical information, application examples, diagrams and for customization please contact: info@highfinesse.de


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