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Echelle Spectrometer

Highest measurement speed by combination of
low order and echelle diffraction gratings

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Icon Echelle Spectrometer


The design of our spectrum analyzers is based on different combinations and configurations of low order and echelle diffraction gratings.

The spectra are read out by CCD arrays, resulting in exceptionally high measurement speeds. Since these devices incorporate no moving parts, you can expect the usual high accuracy and stability of our devices, as well as the capability to measure pulsed lasers in addition to CW.

1. Light source
2. Echelle grating
3. Cross disperser
4. Dispersion by echelle grating
5. Dispersion by cross disperser
6. Detector/camera

HighFinesse Laser Spectrum Analyzer

The LSA utilizes an echelle grating and a low order grating in two separate beam paths. The echelle grating provides the LSA with high resolving power, enabling high accuracy measurements.

Icon Autocalibration


The first order grating makes it possible to overcome the wavelength indeterminancy of the echelle grating. The auto-calibration function of the LSA ensures that you never have to worry about routine maintenance.

High Definition Spectrum Analysis

HighFinesse High Definition Spectrum Analyzer

Using gratings in a cross-dispersion configuration means that you do not have to sacrifice the measurement range for accuracy. The HDSA delivers high accuracy and resolution for its whole range at once.

Icon Measurement Speed up to 60_kHz


Combined with measurement rates of up to 60 Hz in some ranges, this instrument can easily satisfy most spectroscopic needs.

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