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Calibration Sources

Frequency stabilized, narrow linewidth laser sources
down to ± 0.5 MHz absolute accuracy

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HighFinesse Calibration Sources

Maximal Absolute Accuracy
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HighFinesse Calibration Source
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Automatic Calibration

All wavelength meters should be calibrated regularly to insure their maximal performances. The easiest way to do so is to perform automatic re-calibration of the wavelength meter at user defined intervals, from once a week to once before each measurement. Refer to the manual for recommended intervals depending on the wavelength meter.

This automatic procedure takes less than one second before automatically returning to your laser. No user intervention is required. When used in conjunction with the PID option, no loss of control of the laser is experienced.

Integrated Calibration Sources

All wavelength meters and spectrum analyzers with absolute accuracy down to ± 60 MHz include an integrated calibration source for auto-calibration. Exceptions are the WS7-IR series, the WS Fast series and IR-III devices.

External Calibration Sources

HighFinesse offers a variety of frequency stabilized, narrow linewidth laser sources for the calibration of all wavelength meters and applications down to ± 0.5 MHz absolute accuracy. These are user friendly, plug and play devices that can be connected to the wavelength meter using a multichannel switch or the second fiber input on the WS7-30, in order to insure the best calibration performances. Different technologies, accuracies and wavelengths are available to suit your application.

Find the Right Calibration Source

The two parameters you should consider first when selecting a calibration source are its absolute accuracy and its wavelength. The accuracy of a calibration source should ideally be more than five times as accurate as the wavelength meter or the application accuracy requirements.

Calibration Source Accuracy

Additionally, its wavelength should be as close as possible to the wavelength you want to measure. Our product finder will help you to find the calibration source that best fits your needs ...

product finder

... or have a look to the Overview (PDF), that shows the best combinations of HighFinesse wavelength meters and possible calibration sources.

overview (pdf-file)

Product Finder

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Note: Absolute accuracy @780 nm ± 0.5 MHz

Select Your Calibration Source by Wavelength ...

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... or by Absolute Accuracy

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LFR/SLR Series

HighFinesse Stabilized Laser References incorporate absorption spectroscopy systems, which yield extremely accurate frequency stabilizations, ideal for calibration of our wavelength meters in the visible and infrared wavelength regimes.

Plug and Play Functionability

The SLR-series features extremely short warm-up time ( < 2 min.), narrow linewidth and high stability, allowing the calibration of all wavelength meters.

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Any Special Requirements for Your Calibration Source?

Don't hesitate to contact our service team. We are always open for customers requirements.

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