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HighFinesse Fast Wavemeter

Measurement Speed
up to 76 kHz

HighFinesse Fast Wavemeters
Icon Measurement Range 380 – 2600 nm


Icon Measurement Speed up to 76 kHz


Icon Absolute Accuracy 60 MHz


Icon Sensitivity down to 0.4 nJ


Icon For Pulsed and Continuous Lasers

For Pulsed and
Continuous Lasers

Icon External Triggering


Icon Remote Network Access & Software Integration

Remote Network
Access & Software

Icon Plug & Play

Easy to Use
Plug & Play

Icon No-moving Part Technology

Part Fizeau

Icon Temperature compensated Fizeau Technology


Icon Thermally Insulated Housing

Thermally Insulated

Ultra-fast and Sensitive

Fast measurement rates in combination with a maximum data acquisition rate of up to 76 kHz with the WF6. Different measurement modes allow the user to record or view the frequency behavior of the light source.

With the WF7 IR-II you can achieve an accuracy level of 60 MHz - ideal for investigating the fast wavelength dynamics of very weak light sources.

External Trigger

Icon External Triggering

External triggering allows the user to synchronize wavelength measurement with external setup by means of TTL pulses. The lightsensitive sensors are prepared for measurement up to a specifiable integration time after the arrival of the external trigger pulse.

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HighFinesse WF Series

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Icon Measurement Range 380 – 1064 nm

IR Ranges

Icon Measurement Range 980 - 1650 nm
Icon Measurement Range 1400 – 2600 nm

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