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Software Updates

Current software supports all latest Windows OS versions. Older software can be upgraded via our “Driver Update Package”

Please see the FAQ

Driver Update Package

For special requests on software functionality or features, please contact our service team.

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Does my software support the latest Windows OS?

Current software supports all latest Windows OS versions. If your wavemeter has been delivered before the year 2011, then in some cases the drivers have to be updated.

Please first install the software as usual and then download and install the HighFinesse Driver Update Package (6.2 MB) here:

The file is a compressed RAR file that can be uncompressed with programs like WinZip or WinRAR. Alternatively you can rename the file to “HFDrvUpdatePkg.exe”.

It will become a self-extracting archive that you can simply execute by double-clicking.

Please confirm to overwrite already existing files during installation.

After the installation of software and Driver Update Package simply connect your wavemeter. You can then start the software and make your measurements.

Further Questions or Help with
Setting Up the Wavelength Meter?

Don't hesitate to contact our service team for support.

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