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HighFinesse Cooperations

Logotype Opticlock

Opticlock Consortium

As part of the project “Optical single-ion clock for users” (opticlock), a demonstrator of a durable, compact optical clock with significant participation of industrial companies will be researched and developed. High precision clocks are one of the first and most prominent applications of quantum technology. This latest generation of clocks is based on optical transitions in neutral atoms or charged ions.

Fizeau based interferometers
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Die Zukunft im Blick

Opticlock is funded by the BMWi as part of the photonics research program in Germany.

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Logotype Solar Stuttgart

Solarzentrum Stuttgart (Solar Center Stuttgart) – Daylight Luminescence System Analysis

Daylight-luminescence system analysis (DaySy) is the novel characterization technique for PV system analysis (pat. pending). By using two filters (one physical and one lock-in) DaySy detects the luminescence response of the PV system at full daylight! Within a short measurement time of approx. 30 seconds the luminescence image discloses the most common defects of photovoltaic modules.

HighFinesse is responsible for the camera hardware and software developments.

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Logotype Comiq

Cold Molecular Ions at the Quantum Limit – A Marie Curie Initial Training Network 2013

COMIQ (COld Molecular Ions at the Quantum limit) will investigate how cooling, trapping, and control techniques applied to molecular ions can expand the realm of quantum technology, enhance precision measurements on molecular systems and lead to chemistry at the ultracold quantum limit. The network is supported by the European Commission (FP7) under the sub-programme PEOPLE (Marie Curie Actions).

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Logotype DLR LIDAR

DLR LIDAR Development – National Aeronautics and Space Research Centre

The LIDAR department developes ground-based, airborne, and space operated lidar systems and operates them for active remote sensing of important meteorological parameters and atmospheric trace gases that serve to study the weather and climate.

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