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Fizeau-interferometer Wavemeters

Remarkable high accuracy and stability by using
exclusive, no-moving optics

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Icon Temperature-controled Fizeau-interferometer


The optical unit consists of Fizeau-based interferometers which are read out by photodiode arrays. We achieve remarkable high accuracy and stability by using exclusive, no-moving optics.

1. Fiber
2. Mirror
3. Concave mirror
4. Fizeau interferometers
5. Cylindrical lens
6. CCD line array

Fizeau-interferometer – Mirrors

The light is coupled into the device via a fiber and then collimated by a mirror, before entering the Fizeau-interferometers.


The Fizeau-interferometers form the interference pattern characteristic for the wavelength of the light.

Fizeau-interferometer – Cylindrical lens and CCD photodiode

The interference pattern is imaged by a cylindrical lens onto CCD photodiode arrays. This recorded pattern is transferred to your computer via a high-speed USB connection which allows data acquisition rates of up to 76 kHz.

Fizeau-interferometer – Result

The software fits and compares the pattern to a previously recorded calibration to calculate the wavelength.

Key Benefits

Icon Absolute Accuracy 2 MHz


Icon Measurement Speed up to 76 kHz


One significant advantage of our Fizeau-based Wavelength Meters, compared with other available instruments, is the absence of mechanical moving parts. This ensures the high reliability of accuracies up to 2 MHz (absolute) and ensures the outstanding robustness HighFinesse wavelength meters are noted for.

Icon For Pulsed and Continuous Lasers

For Pulsed and
Continuous Lasers

The design enables the precise measurement of not only continuous lasers, but also pulsed laser sources, which broadens the application range even further.

Icon Plug & Play

Easy to use
Plug & Play

Icon Remote Network Access & Software Integration

Remote Network
Access & Software

Another key benefit is the simplicity of our wavelength meters. Simply connect the USB cable and run the program supplied.

That’s all it takes!

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