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Warranty Terms

Extended Two-Year Warranty

HighFinesse offers highest quality standards and is implementing strict quality ensuring methods to satify customer needs. In case some malfunction should happen, the following warranty terms apply:

Standard 12-month warranty

HighFinesse undertakes to replace or repair, at its option, any goods supplied by HighFinesse (save as provided in (f) below) if a defect in material or workmanship arises under conditions of normal and proper use and maintenance (fair wear and tear excepted), provided that all of the following are true:

a) The goods were operated and maintained in accordance with HighFinesse’s operating instructions.

b) The claim is first notified promptly in writing to HighFinesse.

c) The defect occurs within 12 months from the date of Take-Over of the goods by the buyer.

d) The goods have not been repaired or modified by anyone other than HighFinesse or at the HighFinesse’s direction.

e) In the case of goods not of its own manufacture, HighFinesses’s responsibility shall be limited to the passing on to the buyer the benefit of any guarantee or warranty given to HighFinesse by the manufacturer of such goods.

f) Fibers, collimators, USB cables, power supplies, and other accessorial items are themselves excluded from the warranty provisions.

Extended two-year warranty

The seller offers extended warranty terms on products that are registered through HighFinesse's homepage device registration process. These terms are offered at the absolute discretion of HighFinesse and are subject to the fulfillment by the buyer of certain criteria, which are published by the seller in the Extended Warranty Registration Form and supplied during the user registration process. Failure to comply with these criteria will limit the warranty to the standard 12 months only.

HighFinesse GmbH reserves the right to withdraw standard and extended warranty terms from buyers who fail to meet the agreed payment terms.

Return of goods

During the first 12 months, the cost of returning the goods to HighFinesse will be met by the buyer or local distributor, with HighFinesse paying the return cost from the factory to buyer or distributor. During the extended warranty period – year two – the buyer or distributor will pay the shipping costs both to and from HighFinesse GmbH.

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