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Photonic Crystal Switch

For Highend Wavemeters

HighFinesse Photonic Crystal Switch
Icon Up to 8 Inputs for cw & pulsed Laser

Up to 8 Inputs for
cw & pulsed Laser

Icon Switching Time xx ms


Icon FC/PC Fiber Connector


Icon FC/APC Fiber Connector


To address the problem of the limited coverage of spectral ranges using standard singlemode fiber switches, our high-end devices (WS8-2,
WS8-10, WS7-30, WS7-60 and WS6-200) are now available with endlessly singlemode photonic crystal fiber switches. These offer the singlemode accuracy of the devices across the whole measurement range of the wavelength meters.

Available Measurement Ranges

Icon Measurement Range 390 – 2000 nm



Icon Standard TTL Interface

5 Pin/6 Pin

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