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Tutorials and Manuals

   How To ...

Please find below a series of tutorials and
manuals that show you how to access advanced
features of HighFinesse instruments.


How to extract data from WS6 Standalone

This tutorial shows you how to …

… extract data from the HighFinesse Wavemeter WS6 Standalone using the HighFinesse NetGUI and LongTerm application.


Control the standalone wavemeter with
your own application via the network

This tutorial shows you how to …

… control the standalone wavemeter with your own application via the network.

This guide is intended to give you a short introduction on how to control a HighFinesse standalone wavemeter via the network. It is discussed how to use the LongTerm application and Python example that can be used as a starting point for your own application controlling the wavemeter via the network.

User Guide

HighFinesse NetAccess, Network Solution (beta)

For HighFinesse instruments …

Wavemeter (WS Series)
Laser Spectrum Analyzer (LSA)

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