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Spectrometer OSA

Compact and robust spectrometers with fully customizable
range and resolution parameters, able to measure pulsed
and continous lasers

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HighFinesse Spectrometer

High Resolution and Unmatched Measurement Speed

HighFinesse Laser Spectrim Analyzer LSA and HDSA
Icon Measurement Speed up to 500 Hz


Icon Resolving Power up to 30000 λ / Δ λ


Icon For Pulsed and Continuous Lasers

For Pulsed and
Continous Lasers

Icon Non-Moving Part Technology

Part Technology

Icon Remote Network Access & Software Integration

Remote Network
Access & Software

Utilizing the principle of non-moving parts just like the well known HighFinesse WS Series Wavelength Meters, our Spectrometers offer the time-tested robustness and ability to measure both pulsed and cw lasers! Most importantly, a multitude of possibilities are open for tailoring the resolving power and spectral bandwidth of the device according to our customers’ needs.

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Spectrometer LSA IR

Discover the LSA IR-III Series

Unmatched measurement range and speed in the Mid-IR region – only with this device is measurement of pulsed Mid-IR lasers with repetition rates down to 10 Hz possible.

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Demo Device Service

At any time you may request a demo device from us, to familiarize yourself with its capabilities.

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