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Laser Spectrum Analyzer

HighFinesse Laser Spectrum Analyzer
Icon Measurement Speed up to 500 Hz


Icon Resolving Power up to 40000 λ / Δ λ


Icon For Pulsed and Continuous Lasers

For Pulsed and
Continous Lasers

Icon No-moving Part Technology

Part Grating

Icon Remote Network Access & Software Integration

Remote Network
Access & Software

The LSA utilizes an echelle grating and a low order grating in two separate beam paths. The echelle grating provides the LSA with its high resolving power, enabling high accuracy measurements. The low order grating makes it possible to overcome the wavelength indeterminancy of the echelle grating.

Linewidth Measurement

Our OSAs always include the linewidth option automatically. The linewidth can be determined through multiple calculation methods (please contact us for details), and we can accomodate a wide range of customer requests regarding the algorithms used.

Available Measurement Ranges

Icon Measurement Range 192 – 800 nm


Icon Measurement Range 192 – 1180 nm


Icon Measurement Range 248 – 1180 nm


Icon Measurement Range 330 – 1180 nm

VIS Standard

Icon Measurement Range 330 – 1750 nm


Icon Measurement Range 500 – 2250 nm


Icon TTL Option

External Trigger Option

All LSAs detect and measure pulsed signals automatically. Additionally, this option allows the user to trigger pulsed measurements externally. The TTL option guarantees synchronization between pulsed excitation and measurement. It provides low-noise signals without parasitic parts when measuring pulsed signals with low duty cycles.


We are happy to customize the casing of the LSA on your request, including standard 19" casings, and cleanroom-suitable devices.

Icon Compact Device


Icon 19-Inch Rack-Mount Case

Rack-Mount Case

Icon OEM Device

and OEM Devices

Typical Applications

Multi-line or broadband spectra of light sources up to 2 THz like cw and pulsed lasers, gas discharge lamps, super luminescence diodes, semiconductor laser diodes and LEDs.

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Special Requirements?

Don't hesitate to contact our service team for user defined functions or OEM applications. We are always open for customers requirements.

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