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Quick Start Guide

Icon Connection via Multimode Switch

HighFinesse WS Series
Wavemeter, connection to light
source via multimode switch

Install Software First

Installing software for multiple wavelength meters or even two versions for the same instrument is possible.

Legacy software or instruments may experience compatibility issues. Please receive support from customer service in such cases.

Please note:

Some optional features require separate hardware parts. Please make sure to assemble them before software installation!

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1. Installation Software

Installation Software

The installation software is deployed on a flash drive. It‘s stored in the envelope that contains the manual and certificate.

2. Start setup.exe

Start setup.exe

Express Setup
Automatic installation, simply follow the prompts.

Custom Setup
For advanced users desiring custom settings. Follow the prompts.

3. Connect Wavelength Meter and Computer

Icon Connect Wavelength Meter and Computer

Some wavelength meters have an external power supply. Please connect the power supply before connecting the USB cable (included in shipment). Please avoid using USB cables longer than 3 meters – that might cause communication protocol difficulties with Windows.

4. Connect Wavelength Meter and Light
Source via a Multimode Switch

Icon Connection via Multimode Switch

 Please note: Pay attention to the damage thresholds specified in the switch manual. A few µJ (µW @ 1 s exposure) or even less are usually enough to achieve a measurement. Take special care when working with pulsed lasers.

Suitable patchcords:

All wavelength meters feature FC/PC sockets.

Use the  FC/PC:FC/PC  patchcord
between wavemeter and switch and between
switch and laser.

Your measurement results will be impaired when you apply
FC/APC connectors to a wavelength meter input.

5. Start Software

Icon Start Software

Simply run the desktop shortcut.

6. Start Measurement

Icon Start Measurement

Depending on your light source adjust the software settings in the graphical user interface.

A) Select preferred unit

B) Select pulsed or continuous

C) Select Adjust exposure manually or select “Automatic”

D) Start the measurement

7. Long-Term Graph

Icon Long-Term Graph

The Long-Term program is set to automatically start with the measurement. After completion of your measurement save the long-term data on your computer. You can reload at any later time or use the data with any other statistical program.

Further Questions or Help with
Setting Up the Wavelength Meter?

Don't hesitate to contact our service team for support.

contact service team
Icon Quick Start Guide (PDF-File)

Quick Start Guide
Multimode Switch

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