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Linewidth Analyzer

The ultimate high-end device for measuring, analyzing
and controlling the frequency noise and lineshape of
narrow laser sources

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HighFinesse Linewidth Analyzer

Superb Sensitivity

HighFinesse Linewidth Analyzer LWA-1k and LWA-10k
Icon Measurement Range 450 – 1625 nm


Icon Effective Linewidth Range 1 kHz to 100 MHz

Linewidth Ranges

Icon Noise Frequency Range up to 10  MHz

Frequency Range

Icon Noise Sensitivity down to 5 Hz / √ Hz


Icon Intrinsic Linewidth down to 350 Hz


Icon Linewidth Reduction


Icon Up to Real-time Analysis

Up to Real-time

The HighFinesse Linewidth Analyzers are high-end optical instruments for measuring, analyzing and controlling frequency and intensity noise of laser light sources. By combining an interferometric working principle with ultra-low noise electronics, a superb sensitivity is achieved. The real-time signal output offers the option for a fast feedback loop that can be used to actively reduce the frequency noise of the laser.

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Select Your Linewidth Analyzer by Measurement Range ...

Standard Ranges

Icon Measurement Range 450 – 1064 nm Icon Measurement Range 760 – 1064 nm

IR Ranges

Icon Measurement Range 1064 – 1625 nm – LWA 10k Icon Measurement Range 1064 – 1625 nm – LWA 100k Icon Measurement Range 1530 – 1625 nm

... or by Linewidth Range.

Icon Linewidth Range 1 kHz – 20 MHz Icon Linewidth Range 5 kHz – 30 MHz Icon Linewidth Range 15 kHz – 100 MHz

Analyzing Narrow- and Broadband Lasers

HighFinesse Linewidth Analyzer LWA-10k

HighFinesse LWA-10k series

The 10k models cover broad wavelength ranges and can be used to analyze narrow- and broadband laser sources within the NIR. Analysis tools like time resolved frequency deviations charts, frequency noise density spectra and lineshape representation enable detailed laser noise analysis.

HighFinesse Linewidth Analyzer LWA-1k

HighFinesse LWA-1k series

The 1k models are ultimate high-end optical instruments engineered to analyze and control the frequency noise and lineshape of ultra-narrow lasers. Additionally these instruments offer the option to investigate the relative intensity noise of the laser light source with very high resolution and sensitivity.

Analyzing Options

Frequency deviation time trace and histogram

Frequency noise density spectrum

Intensity noise spectrum

Laser lineshape spectrum

Evaluation Options

Effective linewidth:

Noise at all measured frequencies contributing to the linewidth

Lorentzian, Gaussian and Voigt fits for lineshape spectra

Intrinsic linewidth:

Level of noise floor at higher frequencies

Representative Data

Time trace of frequency deviations

Time trace of frequency deviations

Frequency noise spectrum

Frequency noise spectrum

Lineshape spectrum

Lineshape spectrum

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Demo Device Service

At any time you may request a demo device from us, to familiarize yourself with its capabilities.

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